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Text Study

a place to discuss lectionaries

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A place to study lectionaries
This is a place for folks to discuss texts from various lectionaries as the texts come up. The general idea is to help with sermon preparation, but all interested folks are welcome!

How this works: Someone posts their texts for the week. Presumably the first person to think of it. Please use LJ cuts, though they don't need to be involved- one LJ cut to cover the whole thing is fine. Then we can comment on what we think and cool ideas we've picked up from other people. In regards to plagarism, just cite your ideas when they aren't yours (not formal bibliography, just enough so we can find it) and we should avoid getting sued.

Members, please invite your friends who are interested!

This is not your standard Christian discussion forum. We're going to focus on the text. This is not a place to debate the existence of God or share your personal faith journey (unless, of course, it's essential to explain your views on the text). And before anyone asks, the maintainer's standard answer to the ubiquitous question "When were you saved?" is "About 2000 years ago, on a Friday afternoon, 'round about three o'clock."

Trolls will be booted without fanfare and with a bit of sniggering. Flames will be doused with the tears the maintainer cries when she laughs too hard.

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